Sunday, February 22, 2009

Appetizer, snack whatever you want to call it…

Here is one yummy but simple snack that I like to prepare for my friends.  Dulong on multigrain crackers sprinkled with lemon juice.  I honestly am not sure what kind of fish dulongs are but they are possibly baby anchovies or gobies.  I first had this simple motley snack in San Francisco served by my husband’s boss.  The dulong in olive oil was from the Philippines, these tiny fish are originally cooked as crispy fish cakes that you dip in vinegar.  They serve it with rice and it’s already a meal.  

Where to find Dulong in Olive Oil:

You can ask a Filipino friend to buy you one, if they plan to visit you.   They sell it in The Blue Kitchen in Power Plant Rockwell or at Connie’s Kitchen in SM Mega Mall in the Philippines.  (I apologize but I don’t know if they sell this here in US but this is really your best bet).

Where to find Multigrain crackers:

Multigrain crackers are everywhere but I prefer the one from World Market a.k.a. Cost Plus.  They’re a little sweet, salty and of course grainy.  You can also try Vinta which you can find at Trader Joe’s or at your local grocery store.  

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