Thursday, February 26, 2009

“It’s bad luck to be superstitious!”

… as I read the imprinted words in one of Hooters’ free moist towelettes… hilarious!

I find it funny when guys joke about how good the chicken wings are at Hooters. In fact, it is one of my husband’s favorite joke too but to be quite honest I really love their breaded wings myself. I usually order the medium heat with blue cheese dip. I like the fact that the vinegar or acid in the wing sauce is not too overpowering that if you are eating it while it‘s hot the steam that you inhale does not hurt your nose, I don’t mind if I’m inhaling the scent of wasabe because atleast the smell is herbie but vinegar kinda lingers longer and of course the sour smell makes it even worse but don’t get me wrong, I love vinegar. I know some might think that I’m nuts to even mention this in my blog but I’m trying to hit 2 birds with one stone here, I want to point out that the wings at Hooters tastes really awesome ( I bet you already got that point) and two, for the women out there that doesn’t really know what hooters is, you may want to try going there first and be the judge. Also, consider that if your boyfriend or your husband is planning on going there with his friends just tell him that you want to tag-along because you want to try their wings too since he always raves about it anyway or if you have been there already, I‘m pretty sure you like how the chicken wings tastes like so you will still go with your sweetheart and say you too are craving for some wings and hopefully, each time he wants to go to the owl’s den, he would always invite you instead of his friends.

Eat with Peace!!!

Where to find Hooters?

They’re everywhere and since you are reading this, obviously, you have internet so you could just Google it because it might even take longer to look for your yellow pages book.

*Nope, I’m not an employee of Google (I wish), nor Hooters. :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Appetizer, snack whatever you want to call it…

Here is one yummy but simple snack that I like to prepare for my friends.  Dulong on multigrain crackers sprinkled with lemon juice.  I honestly am not sure what kind of fish dulongs are but they are possibly baby anchovies or gobies.  I first had this simple motley snack in San Francisco served by my husband’s boss.  The dulong in olive oil was from the Philippines, these tiny fish are originally cooked as crispy fish cakes that you dip in vinegar.  They serve it with rice and it’s already a meal.  

Where to find Dulong in Olive Oil:

You can ask a Filipino friend to buy you one, if they plan to visit you.   They sell it in The Blue Kitchen in Power Plant Rockwell or at Connie’s Kitchen in SM Mega Mall in the Philippines.  (I apologize but I don’t know if they sell this here in US but this is really your best bet).

Where to find Multigrain crackers:

Multigrain crackers are everywhere but I prefer the one from World Market a.k.a. Cost Plus.  They’re a little sweet, salty and of course grainy.  You can also try Vinta which you can find at Trader Joe’s or at your local grocery store.  

I scream for X-Cream!!!

I was window shopping in one of the popular specialty grocery stores and the chocolate wafer snack is in one of their clearances. I have always been a fan of this brand because I love chocolates and what’s not to like about wafers, crunchy, light and they literally melt in your mouth. I thought, I’d grab it since it’s been forever since I last ate wafers. The chocolate in between the wafers is like a block of air dried mousse that when it touches your tongue it’s like a consistency of a melting butter. Of course, whenever I’m eating wafers, I don’t feel as guilty as having one chocolate candy bar and I get to share it with others too since they come in bite sizes. 160 calories for 4 pieces is a-okay once in awhile!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February the month of love...

Normally, people like to send chocolate covered strawberries, cards and flowers to their loved ones but for mothers like me, we like to give out homemade decorated cookies or some cupcakes usually to our children’s teachers. I have been giving my son’s teachers just dropped chocolate cookies because it’s easier to make but I was a little creative this year. I thought of making them Triple Chocolate cupcakes made of course with chocolate cake with chocolate chips, there’s a little oozy-gooey ganache surprise inside and of course I frosted the cupcakes with Swiss chocolate meringue butter cream. Lastly, I thought I’d keep it simple by just piping a heart on top using the same ganache that I stuffed inside the cupcakes and sprinkled the hallow hearts with red sugar for a little touch.

Tools /Ingredients you can find in your kitchen:

*I used Ziploc to pipe the hearts because I ran out of plastic piping bags, they actually work just as great. You will need to double your bag though and use a coupler to prevent the bag from bursting.

*You can alternate the red sugar with sugar sprinkles with white nonpareils if you have them.
Chocolate Cupcakes on Foodista