Sunday, April 19, 2009


Non-vegetarians and vegetarians are very much welcome to this place.  It’s my first time to eat at Mooyah Burgers and Fries today.  My husband told me about this place since Mooyah sometimes cater their lunch at work and he said that they’re good, kinda taste like IN–N-OUT, and we love that place, so once I heard that, I felt the urge to try and see for myself.  I am obviously not a vegetarian but I choose to eat vegetables whenever I can.  When I saw the menu at Mooyah, I got really excited because they have black bean veggie patty!  I of course ordered that with grilled onions, Mooyah special sauce (which I think is also similar to creamy Thousand Island dressing or In-N-Out’s Animal-Style Fries dressing) and Swiss cheese.   Let’s not forget about the fries by the way, they are a-okay because since they are considered seasoned-fries, I think they need a little bit more salt but that’s just ‘cause I like my fries salty.  As for their cheeseburger, I took a bite of it, their burgers are good too but I still think In-N-Out’s better.  Now, let me tell you about their veggie burger, although they should be known for their all beef-never frozen patties, they should be proud of their veggie burger the more!  I believe it’s the best veggie patty I’ve ever had in my life.  It’s like Morning Star no meat burger patty on steroids!  (No disrespect to Morning Star because, I still think they’re good).    The corn kernels on the patty adds a little sweetness to it, it’s juicy (surprisingly more than their regular burgers), smells good and definitely Mooyahmmy! 

Where to find Mooyah?

·         In Texas… Heehaw!!! J


·         Starts at $4.99

*If you are surprised to learn that In-N-Out has Animal-Style fries… all you need to do is ask and they’ll make it for you J


  1. Okay- I want to try the Mooyah veggie burger- where in Texas is this place?

  2. It's in Webster... here's the address :) enjoy!

    300 West Bay Area Blvd., Suite 800, Webster, TX 77598


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